New John Deere 6210R and S670 for Birkenhäger/Hartmann machinery cooperative

Our sales representative Florian Bentler and harvesting machinery specialist Heinz Noje handed over the new John Deere 6210R with AutoPowr transmission and a John Deere S670 Hillmaster rotor thresher to the Birkenhäger/Hartmann machinery cooperative. Both businesses are involved in arable farming and pig fattening. Their decision to purchase the machines was based on the joint use of the AutoTrac components, the slope compensation of the John Deere S670 Hillmaster and the continuously variable transmission of the John Deere 6210R.

Left to right Heinz Noje, Martin Birkenhäger, Rainer Hartmann, Nils Heuermann, Florian Bentler